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As an artist I always have been investigating the ways in which art can insinuate our lives applying other ways of seeing the reality. Not only in its poetic and spiritual character but, in a day to day basis as a reflexive proposal before the world. I have concentrated on investigating the landscape as a whole that surrounds us, and have looked for the ways to modify it both from the painting and from the installations.

My point of interest has to do with the relationship we establish as individuals with that which is presented to us as a real landscape. My work focuses on questioning, on looking intermittently to a new world of possibilities. 

I develop a work method where the painting acts as a guide for what I paint, it is the one that codifies its own evolution with the dialogue that occurs between the accumulation of process, and observation. My recent work focuses on painting as the protagonist and maker of an imaginary that borders abstraction permanently.

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